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Four Brach Eichler attorneys in conference room.

Brach Eichler attorney in conference room.

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Four Brach Eichler attorneys in lobby.

Three Brach Eichler attorneys in lobby.

Three Brach Eichler attorneys in conference room.

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Brach Eichler Attorneys.

Two Brach Eichler attorneys in conference room.

Four Brach Eichler attorneys in conference room.

Four Brach Eichler attorneys meet in hallway.

Three Brach Eichler attorneys in library.

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David J. Ritter, Chair

Brach Eichler’s tax lawyers are integral members of the Firm’s teams involved in corporate, limited liability company, and partnership transactions.

Because of the comprehensive nature of Brach Eichler’s real estate and commercial practices, our tax lawyers have deep experience in the income taxation of real estate entities including the structuring of like kind tax exchanges. We provide tax advice on all types of complicated business transactions to meet the business objectives of our clients in a tax-efficient manner. We play an active role with financial institutions, investors, and real estate developers in a variety of real estate transactions, including the acquisition and disposition of real estate and businesses. We are equally adept at matters involving the taxation of healthcare entities including hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, diagnostic imaging centers, physician practice groups, and other care facilities. Our tax lawyers have considerable experience dealing with the unique issues inherent in these businesses including structuring, operations, joint ventures, investments, and dispositions.

Brach Eichler’s tax lawyers also have broad experience in dealing with tax issues that can be brought to bear on corporate merger and acquisition transactions and transactions involving partnerships, limited liability companies, and S corporations. We have resolved problems involved in the organization, operation, and division or dissolution of corporate joint ventures, contributions of leveraged property to UPREITs, and tax partnerships.

In addition to tax planning for ongoing business transactions, we work with the Trusts & Estates Practice to develop tax strategies for clients’ personal affairs and transactions. We are involved in structuring family limited partnerships or family limited liability companies and in developing other sophisticated techniques for the proper tax-efficient transfer of businesses or personal investment assets.

The Tax Practice has applied to the IRS and received numerous grants of tax-exempt status for foundations and charitable organizations of all types including scholarship funds, disaster relief and organizations and family foundations.

Our attorneys have experience and proven skills that enable us to handle a wide range of tax dispute issues for our clients including:

  • Pre-controversy tax advice
  • IRS audits and administrative appeals
  • Criminal tax cases
Our Promise

At Brach Eichler, we are committed to a dynamic and meaningful partnership with our clients. We move forward with a shared vision, one that is carefully crafted and thoughtfully and practically implemented. Together, we achieve success.

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