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Brach Eichler is a true pioneer in cannabis law, and was one of the first law firms in New Jersey to establish a Cannabis Industry Practice. Our Cannabis Industry Practice Co-Chairs, Charles X. Gormally and John D. Fanburg, are recognized thought leaders in the expansion of medical cannabis program and in the creation of a vibrant, regulated adult-use marketplace in New Jersey.

Brach Eichler’s Cannabis Industry Practice is uniquely situated to provide advice and guidance to those considering participation in this new business which has been projected to create more than $2 billion dollars of cannabusiness economic activity in the state. Clients of the Cannabis Industry Practice will have access to our team of professionals with particular expertise in providing sound counsel regarding corporate formation, tax planning, real estate leasing or acquisition, regulatory and licensing, compliance, banking, labor and employment issues, and succession planning. Whether you have an interest in direct participation in a licensed and regulated cannabis business or wish to provide supportive services to the cannabis industry, we have the ability to counsel and direct all of the important issues that will make your business successful.

There is no better time than now to make the Brach Eichler Cannabis Resource Center your primary source of thoughtful and informative commentary on the current landscape. What needs to happen to move this potentially beneficial and lucrative industry forward? See below for all of our content including white papers, videos, podcasts, alerts, and blogs.

Cannabis Laws in New Jersey – Frequently Asked Questions

The rapidly developing Cannabis industry arising from laws permitting the use of medicinal cannabis, and, adult recreational use, brings with it a plethora of precedents yet to be set in the Garden State. This past April, the Cannabis Regulatory Commission met, kicking off the next steps in the long process of making legal cannabis sales a reality. Until the Commission adopts its rule and regulations, legal sales are on hold.

Brach Eichler receives numerous questions and inquiries regarding the current status of New Jersey cannabis sales, purchasing, consumption, and workplace regulations. To address your concerns, we have created Cannabis Laws in New Jersey – Frequently Asked Questions, a list of questions to keep you informed on the current state of affairs and policy developments in the cannabis industry.

Brach Eichler's Cannabis Law Practice In the News

Brach Eichler’s Podcast, “Cannabis Realities”

We are excited to introduce Brach Eichler’s new podcast on Cannabis Radio, “Cannabis Realities,” where our Cannabis Law Co-Chairs Charles Gormally and John Fanburg speak to innovators and influencers in the cannabis industry about marketplace issues and cutting-edge developments. Have a listen—we are looking forward to sharing our thought-provoking cannabis industry content with you.

Episode 1: “Groundbreaking Research in Cannabis Therapeutics” – featuring Brach Eichler Cannabis Law Co-Chair Charles Gormally and Scott Karolchyk, Director of Formulation Development for MedPharm Holdings

Episode 2: “Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis Research” – featuring Brach Eichler Cannabis Law Co-Chair Charles X. Gormally and Andy Williams, Co-Founder of renowned cannabis medical chain Medicine Man

Episode 3: “Social Injustice of Failed Cannabis Prohibition” – featuring Brach Eichler Cannabis Law Co-Chair Charles X. Gormally and Judge Jim Gray, author and outspoken critic of the War on Drugs

Episode 4: “Investment Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry” – featuring Brach Eichler Cannabis Law Co-Chair Charles X. Gormally and Vikas Desai, co-founder and partner at WelCan Capital

Episode 5: “A Journey Through the Cannabis Industry” – featuring Brach Eichler Cannabis Law Co-Chair Charles Gormally and Chris Melillo, Senior Vice President, Retail, of Curaleaf.

Cannabis Video Series

Brach Eichler – Cannabis Law Practice Overview
Employment Law Concerns as New Jersey Legislates Cannabis Use


NJ’s Business Landscape for Out-of-State Marijuana Businesses
Legislative Landscape for NJ’s Expanded Medical Marijuana Bill
Brach Eichler's Cannabis Poll

Brach Eichler conducted a series of polls in conjunction with DKC Analytics to assess New Jerseyans’ opinions about the legalization of marijuana as we approached the November ballot question. In total, four Brach Eichler Cannabis Polls gauged how New Jersey voter attitudes about cannabis changed as Election Day approached and detailed how voter and consumer opinion shaped the marketplace in the Garden State.

Cannabis White Papers

The Business, Regulatory, and Legal Challenges - and Opportunity - of a Legalized Cannabis Marketplace in New Jersey

The Murphy Administration is committed, both in pursuit of social justice and economic benefit to legalizing and regulating cannabis production and consumption early in its tenure. New Jersey’s introduction is more of a timing and policy issue, but predictions of expedited passage may be premature, as emerging and inherent New Jersey political issues and lessons learned in other venues that have embraced legal cannabis will make New Jersey the most complicated state ever to legalize and regulate cannabis.

Ten Steps to a Billion-Dollar Marketplace
Updating Brach Eichler's Seminal White Paper: Facts, Observations, and Market Opportunity

In December 2017, Brach Eichler commenced the thought-leader dialogue around recreational cannabis regulation with its seminal White Paper: “The Business, Regulatory, and Legal Challenges–and Opportunity–of a Legalized Cannabis Marketplace in New Jersey.” In the intervening six months, Governor Murphy’s swearing in and the public anticipation of the creation of a new marketplace has driven the debate in at turns enlightening, disappointing, and unexpected directions. In our second white paper, "Ten Steps to a Billion-Dollar Marketplace" Brach Eichler’s Cannabis Law Practice Co-Chairs John D. Fanburg and Charles X. Gormally share their reactions.

New Jersey Cannabis: Observations on Opportunity Lost Along the Way
The Third Brach Eichler Cannabis Marketplace White Paper

New Jersey was poised to reap the powerful opportunity created by the confluence of majority acceptance of cannabis legalization and being the first east coast metropolitan area to embrace the creation of this new marketplace. Instead, New Jersey has watched the action from the sidelines as state after state raced to capture the opportunity. Read our latest white paper to see the opportunities that were lost along the way.