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John D. Fanburg, Co-Chair  •  Charles X. Gormally, Co-Chair

A growing number of states have instituted a legalized and regulated cannabis marketplace, while others are poised to seriously consider ending cannabis prohibition. New Jersey is getting ever closer to a regulated, adult-use marketplace. This emerging business development presents both challenges and opportunities affecting state and local governments; banking and taxation; real estate and land use regulation; healthcare and medical testing; and industries including food production, farming, packaging, and tourism. Brach Eichler’s Cannabis Practice is comprised of thought leaders across this industry spectrum. Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to navigate complicated and highly regulated marketplaces, while providing practical and informed guidance to entrepreneurs participating in this business.

Brach Eichler is well positioned to mentor you as the legislative and regulatory process for legalized cannabis emerges in New Jersey. We are ready to help you strategize and work through the legal and business issues facing your enterprise.

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Brach Eichler’s Podcast, “Cannabis Realities”

We are excited to introduce Brach Eichler’s new podcast on Cannabis Radio, “Cannabis Realities,” where our Cannabis Law Co-Chairs Charles Gormally and John Fanburg speak to innovators and influencers in the cannabis industry about marketplace issues and cutting-edge developments. Have a listen—we are looking forward to sharing our thought-provoking cannabis industry content with you.

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Our Promise

At Brach Eichler, we are committed to a dynamic and meaningful partnership with our clients. We move forward with a shared vision, one that is carefully crafted and thoughtfully and practically implemented. Together, we achieve success.

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October 27, 2020 @ 1:00 p.m.

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